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Saturday, December 23, 2017

No Doubt, the Next Step is to Detain Them in Special Camps

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a controversial plan to deter illegal immigration by separating immigrant parents from their children when they are caught crossing the border illegally.
"Cross the border without papers and we'll ensure that you never see your kids again! Muwhahaha!"

Do these clowns don top hats and twirl their mustaches when they come up with these ideas?

I'd call it "inhuman", but I have never seen anything resembling a spark of humanity or compassion from Trump. He has all of the empathy of a hickory nightstick.

When he does try to relate to people, it's like watching a badly-programmed AI do it.


B said...

Nice twist to what the article actually says. How very Leftist Media of you. How Maureen Dowd like.

Did you read it?

Would you have the kids placed in the detention centers with the parents? I mean, rather than placing them with some relatives living legally in the US?

Or do you think everyone entering the United States illegally with their kids should get a house at taxpayer expense until their deportation happens??

Dark Avenger said...

My mother was in a prison camp with her parents when American and other Allied Civilians were placed in civilian concentration camps around Shanghai in April of 1943, run by the Japanese Imperial Army.

So, conservatives are more hard-ass on illegal immigrants than the fucking Japanese Army was against enemy civilians.

CenterPuke88 said...

Er, B., did YOU read the story. Placement with a sponsor OR juvenile detention facility. Explain how the Feds running a daycare will be cheaper than the family detention plan we have now? Given that detainees have several possible legal avenues to enter the US, taking a punitive action like splitting the family up is likely to fail court scrutiny. Additionally, the sponsor (if one was located) would be at risk if not a legal resident.

The point, B., is that this plan is deliberately punitive. It is so that it will cause a reduction in border crossers, and thus any pretense of this plan being used for trying to save money or such is, at best, Soviet.

B said...

And why should we not discourage border crossers?

dinthebeast said...

Because we don't suck?

-Doug in Oakland

Deadstick said...

B, how do you feel about that statue in New York Harbor? You know, the one in the insurance commercials?

CenterPuke88 said...

B., so discouraging people fleeing genuine threats is preferred these days? As for the “others”, you do understand how agriculture, landscaping, construction, meat cutting and such would all grind to a halt if we really believed in stopping illegal immigrants, right?