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Sunday, December 31, 2017

SWATting and the Nigerian Prince

First off, the "SWATting" death in Kansas: There's a lot that we don't know. But it sure looks as though the cops fired from across the street, behind some cover, and killed an innocent man over "furtive movement." The cops are going to say, of course, that it was a treasonable mistake.

I disagree. The cops summon a guy to the door, shine bright lights at him in the middle of the night and yell orders at him: What's reasonable is to expect the guy so summoned to be confused. If he's wearing sweatpants, he may need to pull them up and then it looks to the cops as he's reaching for a gun. It also appears that the cops were across the street, with rifles, crouched behind their cars, and to seriously believe that a guy is going to yank out a handgun and hit anything at that range in the dark is beyond credulity.

But hey: Officer Safety.

It'll get hashed out in civil court in a damages suit. And some appellate judges, who went to Tier One law schools and who have never been exposed to any serious danger in their lives, will throw the case out.
It seems that one of the people posing as a Nigerian prince is a 67-year old white guy in Louisiana, who is now facing a couple hundred charges of wire fraud. As the WaPo noted, some of the victims of the con are lured to Nigeria and then bad shit happens.

Some consecutive sentences are in order.


3383 said...

Nigerian Price?
Treasonable mistake?
Your slip is showing, товарищ. Not that I really disagree.

Borepatch said...

The telecom industry is working on a way to prevent caller ID spoofing. They're motivated on this, but as with everything in the telecom industry it will be a long time until the protocol is finalized and then a longer time until it's deployed.

But with a death from this there are a lot of people who are motivated to analyze the Call Detail Reports, and it's hard to see how they won't nail the scumbag who made the call.

Comrade Misfit said...

3383, fixed it.