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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Your New Year's Eve Big Prop Noise

Spraying forests with DC-3s:


bigredwookie said...

Ride in one of those when I worked in Panama City. They used to spray for deer flies. Craziest airplane ride I've ever been on flying something that big and old at tree top level, just basically like crop dusting. Had a blast though.

Stewart Dean said...

When I wuz a kid 60 years ago, I would fly from Louisville, KY to Pittsburgh in a Connie and then change there to a DC3 flown by Alleghany (Agony) Air to McKean Regional and get picked up by my aunt & grandmother for a summer at Bradford. At one point I went through TWA's Saarinen terminal in Idlewild? or was it already JFK....
Do miss how civilized air travel was (and what does a kid know about expense?) but don't miss the barf bags...