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Monday, June 5, 2017


Opera now offers VPN, so I wanted to see what the speed penalty was.

For Opera, via its VPN: Ping- 156 ms, Download speed- 19.18 Mbps, Upload speed- 6.08 Mbps.

Firefox, no VPN: Ping- 16 ms, Download speed- 20.68 Mbps, Upload speed- 6.00 Mbps.

I gather than using a VPN means that your ISP can't see what you're doing, which now that net privacy has been gutted by the Republicans (Motto: "Since 1921--Fucking You for Fun and Profit"), might be of some concern.

Also, as Trump stumbles down the road to an authoritarian state, you might want to keep your shit more private.


B said...

I use PIA VPN, which lets you pay with gift cards from Walmart...that you can buy with cash. They claim they keep no records of their customers.

Best I can do to keep my privacy.

Works on tablets and phones too. No significant degradation of speed.


bmq215 said...

Yep, I use PIA as well. Reasonably cheap and a good privacy model with the userbase to back it. The security of a VPN is only as good as the servers it's running on.

Tod Germanica said...

Thanks for the test and to B for the tip. Opera is a browser I use on android phone and on Linux Mint Dell xps 13 laptop.
The Opera news 'feed' aggregates sites from the mild left to breitbart/nazi right so everyone can find their own cult, and you can scroll down 'news' endlessly-hypnotic as porn or cat videos.
Not open source, Opera is bleeding edge innovative-but expect lots of hard crashes in my experience.