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Friday, June 23, 2017

Shorter TrumpCare: "Die, You Fuckers."

Remember when Trump promised that his health care plan would be better than Obama's and it would cover everyone?

Not so much, it seems. Mostly, it's another excuse for giving Trump's peeps a massive tax cut while cutting spending on health care to poor folks.

Like all of those coal miners and other guys who are receiving disability and who have health coverage through Medicaid. You guys get to go shuffle off and die of untreated medical conditions.

And I supposed I should be outraged. But this is the thing: In rural counties where a significant percentage of the population is on disability, well, those counties went overwhelmingly for Trump.

Hey, we tried to tell you that Trump didn't give a shit about anyone else. We tried to tell you that his focus would be on doing anything so he and his wealthy buddies could make money, even if it meant screwing over all of those who voted for him. We tried to tell you that Trump was a fake populist and that he would be the President of the 0.1%.

But you didn't listen. And now you get to pay the price so Trump and the Oligarchs can get richer and richer.

TrumpCare is going to be very bad for a lot of people, but it's likely that a majority of them will be Trump voters. It's going to suck to be those folks, but they're getting what they voted for.

Whether they like it or not.


dinthebeast said...

And about those rural areas where coal jobs used to be the backbone of the economy? The ones he lied his ass off to about how those jobs would be "coming back"?
Funny thing about those places these days. In many of them, the largest employers, and the only livable wage jobs to be had, are in healthcare. And in a lot of coal country, where there are forty, maybe fifty percent of the population on Medicaid (it's 48% in three counties in West Virginia), those health care facilities aren't gonna survive the cuts they are proposing.
So basically, not only are those rural Trump voters about to lose their health insurance, but the best of their and their family's jobs too.
Wall Street, on the other hand, seems to be doing just fine, and on track to be "set free" from the weak tea regulations of Dodd-Frank, so they can blow up another few trillion dollars of regular people's wealth and get bailed out again by those same people's tax dollars.

-Doug in Oakland

Tod Germanica said...

The destruction of education and the dumbing down of thought by teevee and Web mean 35% of trump voters were not able to understand that Obamacare and their own health insurance through the Affordable Care Act were the same thing. Some might resent being duped by a con man but most will still not be mentally equipped to understand they were conned into voting away their on health coverage so the obscenely rich, trump and all his corrupt friends, can be made richer. So it's not even the trump voter's fault.

B said...

He's still better than Hillary. By a LONG shot.

Sad. Our country could have so much better if the RNC and DNC would recruit decent people. As it is, we get the least bad of two poor choices.

I'd still like to see BarryCare Repealed. But that wouldn't fit the Socialist model, now would it?

CenterPuke88 said...

No, B., he isn't.

Bonus notes, the Carrier plant Donnie visited to "save jobs" is laying off about 632 people..so much for the "saved jobs". Donnie promised that at least 1000 to 1100 of the 1400 jobs would be saved...let's see, 1400 - 632 = 768...nope.

And while we're at it, another 1400+ Indiana jobs are heading for Mexico from 6 other corporations...amazing how Donnie and his pet Congress is saving those jobs!

bmq215 said...

B, I think it's pretty clear at this point that whatever Hillary's IT failings, Donald is proving to be so misguided/ineffective/impulsive/embarrassing in nearly every department that she couldn't possibly be worse. A cadaver could make better political decisions than Trump.

Of course it's always possible that he'll suddenly turn into the hard-negotiating, brilliant businessman that his supporters thought he was but that's looking less and less likely. Heck, he didn't even fulfill his executive action-based 100 day plan...

Anonymous said...


At least he's not a Muslim sympathizing, white hating, butt-bandit.

I'm happy with that.