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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Spy in Your Printer

Your color laser printer may rat you out.

Unlike the old days, when the cops had to find the matching typewriter. some printers will encode source information into the page. Which was one of the tools that may have been used to catch Reality Winner.

Also, if you want to leak shit, don't send it to The Intercept. They would seem to be idiots.


B said...

Pretty much ALL color laser printers, many B+W lasers and a significant number of inkjet printers do this, in one form or another.

Best bet? Don't print out stuff you shouldn't.

Or use a dot matrix, if you can find one....

Anonymous said...

About 20 years ago at work, they ordered Canon's top of the line printer. The RCMP impounded it when it entered the country as it was so sophisticated it could print counterfeit bills. Canon altered the software to print an identifier code multiple times per sheet so that any counterfeit bills could be traced to the printer.

It's a good bet that all printers and photocopiers in offices where sensitive or secret information is accessible print micro-identifiers on every page.


deadstick said...

Old news. The next frontier is people using 3D printers to infringe patents.

Tod Germanica said...

How not to leak: 1) Use your office copier. 2) Email from your office. 3) Send your info to tradecraft challanged The Intercept.

w3ski said...

Can you imagine the ridicule this poor woman had to endure with the name : "Reality Winger"? Crap! Talk about a 'handicap'. I feel so sorry for her.

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm surprised that she hasn't killed people.