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Monday, June 26, 2017

Is Three Minutes' Worth of Research Too Much to Ask?

So I read a mystery a couple of weeks ago. In the story, Sumdood was rubbing out people with a Ruby pistol. Which was probably realistic, as there had to have been a buttload of them brought back as souvenirs following each of the two world wars.

The author even mentioned that the gun was based on a Browning. But then the author, repeatedly, referred to it as a revolver.


Look, I'll spot someone writing that their character made a call from a telephone booth in postwar Rome and inserted coins into the phone instead of a gettone telefonico. Who'd think to research that point? But guns, especially when one is the central murder weapon in the story, are dirt-simple to research.


Tod Germanica said...

They never get the firearms right. You are lucky the revolver didn't sport a silencer. And no eye glasses and no hearing protection waving guns in each other's faces with fingers on triggers. Wonder they don't all go like Pulp Fiction.

wheelgun said...

The clicking sound that movie semi-autos make when they're empty. Or why the slides never lock-back.

When someone in a movie/TV show gets shot with a 9mm and gets thrown backward about 50 ft. (Well maybe into the wall behind them.)

At least they have abandoned (mostly) "everything is made of explodium" in car chases etc. (No, I won't post a link to TV Tropes! That site is an EEEEVIL time-waster!)

CenterPuke88 said...

The slides are on the prop-guy, the clicks are on the foley artists. Remember the audio effect for films is recorded separately. As for anyone getting thrown anywhere when hit, common knowledge and spaghetti westerns have things to answer for.

Comrade Misfit said...

I've had a few things to say about Foley "artists".