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Friday, June 16, 2017

Fuck It, I'm Gonna Drive

TSA is conducting a proof of concept demonstration to evaluate the operational and security impact of using biometrics to verify passengers’ identities using their fingerprints. The biometric authentication technology enables a traveler’s fingerprints to serve as both a boarding pass and identity document.
The TSA says that this only applies to their pre-check program, t least for this proof-of-concept test.

But, with all due respect, anyone who believes that it will stop there is smoking crack.

The day is coming, Gentle Reader, when you will be strongly encouraged to go somewhere and submit to a fingerprint check, a retinal scan and a facial scan before an airline flight. After that, then everyone who does those things will go through a lesser-intrusive form of screening, similar to what they do now for the pre-check people.

Those who don't will automatically be subject to the sort of enhanced security screening that will be the next best thing to a colonoscopy.

That will last until some self-radicalized lunatic goes through the higher security screening and then does something stupid.


Thomas Ten Bears said...

The day is coming when you will be strongly encouraged to go somewhere and submit to a fingerprint check, a retinal scan and a facial scan, period.

B said...

If you have a driver's license, you have a facial recognition profile already. If you have a firearms permit or have had a clearance, you have a fingerprint record. Depending on the security classifications (if any) you have had and where you worked you might have retinal profile.

I figure if they are looking hard at me, they are leaving someone else alone.

JayNola said...

If anyone thinks that Gattica style access, finger prick and return scan, for everything, except voting of course, isn't right around the corner they're fooling themselves. The .gov wants to know everything, regardless of the monkey in charge.