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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shorter Trump: "I'm Only the President of Those Who Voted For Me."

President* Donald Trump is banking on his loyal base of supporters to help him through the tangle of the Russia turmoil. ... His White House has made little effort to broaden the bedrock of support for a president who lost the popular vote and receives scant backing from Democrats.

Trump has yet to hold a rally in a state he lost to Hillary Clinton in November. He visits many of the small Rust Belt cities and rural heartland communities that went for him.
Trump, by his actions, considers himself to be the president only of his base, his cronies and, of course, the willing tool of his patrons in Moscow. Even George W. Bush was sharp enough to know that governing by division and rancor was a mug's game.

But not Trump. He only represents his base.

Which is fine with me. For he and I would seem to agree that he's not my president.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

I understand that physically he isn't "short", although that seems to be one of his favorite insults "a very 'small' man".
Yet mentally, and education wise, and of course temperament wise, He is the "shortest" of all.
A quite apt title you have here, "Shorter tRump"! Could he be any smaller of a 'man'?