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Monday, June 19, 2017

Conway Lies as Effortlessly as She Breathes

When President* Donald Trump wrote online last week that “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director,” it was not an admission that he is indeed being investigated, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Monday morning, but instead a Twitter-shortened reaction to media coverage of ongoing probes into his 2016 campaign.

Conway’s insistence Monday morning that Trump’s tweet last Friday was not what it seemed followed in the footsteps of the president’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, who said Sunday in an array of political talk show appearances that regardless of what he has written online, Trump is not under investigation.
Yeah, sure.

Conway said that Trump was indulging in irony. Right. Trump wouldn't know irony if he was hit in the face with it.

The best thing that Conway could do for Trump is to somehow lock him out of Twitter before he incriminates himself into an impeachment trial (and then into prison).


Nangleator said...

He had a television interview in which he stated that he ordered the creation of a memo justifying the firing, but that he had already decided on the firing. Already in the can. Seen by millions.

In order to believe trump on this, you have to believe trump is a liar.

dinthebeast said...

Blue Gal, on this week's podcast, said she wondered why none of his children had come into the oval office with a hammer and told him "OK dad, your phone or your fingers, your choice."

-Doug in Oakland

bmq215 said...

On one hand, I'm glad he has no self-control because if the President of the United States is bald-faced liar, of the sort that makes most 8-year-olds look sly, then I want to know.

On the other hand, come on Donald! This is really, really simple stuff. Your base loves you (pretty much unconditionally) and even they're starting to balk at having to roll out the "But Obama. But Hillary" comments every few days. This is stuff that kids get right and as enjoyable as it is to make fun of you, I thought you were smarter than this. Hell, I like to think that almost all competent adults are smarter than that. Can you really not control this? Or worse, do you really think that this is a good idea??

CenterPuke88 said...

Let's not discount a more cynical idea. Donnie's a wash as a businessman, but a pretty good showman. Right now he has a huge show running (and possibly running off the tracks). Nothing he or any of his family/associates does is a problem because he has the ultimate power to simply write a bunch of pardons. He's cash flowed large amounts of money into his business interests and generated an adoring fan base for the immediate future. He has a large campaign fund that he cannot convert to personal use, if he retires, but can use in any number of ways that will benefit himself and his family/businesses (pay 5 million for X's campaign fund raiser to be held a Mar-a-lago, to Mar-a-lago, anyone?).

He rolls this show for a few more months and then quits before the midterm because of the mean Liberals threats and the mean Conservatives not voting for policies that help "his people" (hence the House bill is "mean") comment, but really because he doesn't want to be in office when the likely anti-Trump wave rolls through. Then he can freely build his brand to appeal to his base (like his proposed moderate price hotel chain) and enrich himself, secure with his pardon. He is also building a role as a Conservative king-matter for the foreseeable future, despite Republican disgust. The pardon won't turn off his base, who will all be convinced that the stuff he was guilty of was all a frame-job, and will continue to lap up his shit (products and otherwise).

The damage his divisive campaign has done to America will last for decades, but there is hope that the younger demographic has been so offended by this routine that down the road, the country will be stronger.

w3ski said...

I am all up for at least part of what you said CP. I can only imagine that once the current resident is disposed and locked up, and someone proposes a "business man" again for the office, that person will be laughed out of the public view. "Yea, we did that and it didn't work"!
I can only hope we still have a Country to care.

harp1034 said...

Trump is not going to be locked up. If he is indicted Pence will issue a pardon. A few folks will piss all over themselves but most will just want to move forward.