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Saturday, June 3, 2017


This poor kitten was found in a box that had been bungee'd to the front gate of an animal shelter:

The kitten is young, maybe six weeks old, weights about a pound, had some puncture wounds (including the very visible one to the head) and was spiking a slight fever.

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w3ski said...

As you know I live remotely, and there is only one home past us that is
lived in through the warmer months. I believe that each year they bring a cat up here and turn it loose as if cats were wild animals. In the winters the poor critters seem to find our porch where there is usually a bowl of cat food. Year before last there was a really wild one. It would eat and run fast, never saw it past that winter sadly. This winter they left us a big grey cat. Very friendly but an unfixed male. He lives in our house now. He likes to share my chair when I am on the computer.
The neighbor came thru one day this spring, they saw the cat and called to him too. He ran, uphill to our house.
My newer kittens follow him around like he is Big Brother.
I just can't believe how some people treat otherwise gentle and loving cats.
A cat owned and operated adventure

B said...

Your link is bad or expired....

Comrade Misfit said...

Dammit! Thanks, fixed it.