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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dear Microsoft: Please Be So Kind as to Go Fuck Yourselves, Your Horses, and Anyone Who Looks Like You Guys. Oh, and Go Fuck Yourselves to an Early Death

Microsoft keeps trying to pass along the Win-10 spyware installs as a upgrade. KB295664, in particular, keeps popping up.

Fuckers never stop trying.

Really, they're pretty stupid. They could have sold XP update subscriptions to those who like it and they might have made many millions doing that.

A friend bought a new box with Win `10 installed. It was loaded with things to tell Microsoft every move you make. It was also loaded with a lot of intro software that no rational person would ever use.

To know Microsoft is to hate them. They are Enron-grade evil.


B said...

You gonna go linux?

Apple is nearly as bad as MS.

I agree with you, but what can one do?

Tod Germanica said...

I've been using Ubuntu and now Linux Mint 18 for over 10 years and it's a joy to use compared to a crippled, insecure piece of spyware like M$ Win 10. All applications are free as in speech and free as in beer and compare favoribly with Redmond's software. Unlike in years past, Linux installs easier than Win 10 and automatically detects wireless cards. Unlike Win 10 Linux does not track and report to Microsoft your every key stroke. Unless you have a need for a specific Windows application there is no good reason anymore to support such a rapacious and dishonest corporation as Microsoft. Go Linux Mint and you'll never look back.

Eck! said...

Install GWX control panel or Never-10 that prevents installing them and can also remove other bits.


Comrade Misfit said...

I have GWX and Never10, but it annoys me that the update keeps popping up on the list.

MS cutting support for XP and 7 in a few years is as annoying as a gun maker not providing support or parts. Oh, wait...

Nangleator said...

Got to be big government funds for every computer they get info from. Government and anyone else who would pay, I'm sure. ISIS? Probable.

You can't put a back door in and expect you'll be the only one to use it.