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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Musing Whilst Waiting for My Food

People who have ornate and visible tattoos should not be upset or annoyed when other people stare at them. Same goes for "ear gauges" or any of that sort of adornment. It's not like a disfiguring injury or a birth defect; they chose to do that to themselves.
I wonder about the sanity of people who "donate" shit that can only be described as trash to a charity. Do they think that they are doing the charity any favors? (Go take a look in a dumpster at a charitable thrift store if you are unclear on this.)
Ever notice that radio stations never play anything that was recorded before the late 1950s? Did recording technology advance enough around then so that the recordings that where made were of high-enough quality to still be commercially viable?
In a busy restaurant, standing around other people's tables and shmoozing with friends really plays hob with the flow of the servers.
Where the fuck is my food?*
* They lost my order. The manager put it through, again, as a rush job and comped the meal.


w3ski said...

Once at a Restaurant with my wife and my Dad. They seated us, got our drinks, and then the server went off shift and we were ignored for most of an hour. They finally said we were in a table between servers?
Anyway my Dad being 'cool', we got one of the best bottles of wine in their cellar comped for that one.
The meal was fair, but the wine made the difference.

CenterPuke88 said...

Magnetic tape recording was "freed" from German monopoly in 1945. Stereo worked in through the 50's, as did multitrack. Listen to old 40's an 50's music and it's mainly flat and recorded in one track with no stereo, and thus sounds "poor" to our ears. The best sounding music was instrumental big band, I assume for some reason relating the not having to compromise to record a voice.

D. said...

(Huh. Reminding me of the only time I've gotten really bad service in a restaurant, down in a DC suburb, where I had ordered and then waited...and waited...[it may have been closed, come to think of it, but then someone should have mentioned it] ...and waited [stubborn streak engaged]...and the waiter seemed to be staring at me with disapproval...and eventually I got my meal and pointedly [with explanation] did not tip. It turns out there were better ways to handle this sort of thing; one of them is to use my mother's tactic of leaving after twenty minutes unless there are overriding circumstances; one is to note waitstaff's behavior to management, although I've never had that problem again.)

Radio stations that do not play jazz or classical music don't play anything before the late [19]50s because their audience won't get it. I don't think even so-called middle of the road stations play big band stuff anymore. Also, stereo caught on in the mid-late '50s and mono gradually lost out.

I still try not to stare.

Tod Germanica said...

In my youth only sailors (and NOT my WWII sailor Daddy), soldiers and cannibals had tats. Luckily most people who get tats are plenty ugly already, nothing lost. None of my business but I can't help being embarrassed on their behalf and try not to stare. Do they get up every morning, look in the mirror and say "lookin' good"?

Most good charity thrifts won't take junk and prohibit dumping. People donating junk are tightwads trying to save $20 at the dump. Or, to be charitable, they are reformed hoarders who've lost the ability to determine value-except the hoarders I know never donate or get rid of anything.

deadstick said...

Every time I see a tramp stamp, I speculate on what it'll look like in 20 years.

My local Goodwill gave up on the dumpster: you have to get a human to accept your stuff.

Marc said...

You may have to go to internet radio for earlier music - there is a whole range of stuff out there, but I've not really researched for stations streaming stuff from before the late 60's.