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Friday, December 17, 2010

"zOMG!!!1! 9-11 First Responders Want to Meet With Meeee!!1!!1"

That was the attitude of brave, brave, brave Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the Republicans who has been holding the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act hostage to extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Fearless Sen. Collins heard that 9-11 first responders were coming to her office, so she called the Capitol police. Because she was so concerned that they might make some kind of scene over her dedicated obstructionism in her unflagging service to the wealthy.

To steal from Jon Stewart, one can only hope that the Capitol police held a meeting and voted by a supermajority to respond to Collins's call for help. One can only hope that everywhere that a Republican senator lives, that the cops, firefighters and paramedics will hold similar meetings to make certain that 60% of the force agrees to answer their calls.

(H/T to Nangleator from here)


montag said...

So the Capitol cops respond, welcome the NY cops with open arms and give them an escort to the first few offices to prevent some out of control staffer from doing harm. I think Sen Collins is shy more than a few shingles on the roof..

Ruckus said...

I actually hope they don't get a 60% vote to help any rethug.