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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Truer Words Have Rarely Been Blogged

What he said:
Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters. The situation we have here is an angry and desperate population that at long last has voted in a majority that it believes should be able to pass a health care bill. It expects something to be done. The task of the lawmakers on the Hill, at least as they see things, is to create the appearance of having done something. And that’s what they’re doing.
No matter which party is in power, it seems that if any legislation passes that benefits the majority of Americans, that is purely a happy by-product of Congress and the President appeasing the special interests.

Americans turned out in near-record numbers last November to vote in the current crop of turdlets. One of the issues that a large majority of Americans care about is fixing our health care system. We have the most expensive system in the world and, for what we pay for it, we should be able to do far better than a sixth of our population having no coverage.

The current system works to the advantage of the health insurance companies, the sub-sub specialists and the for-profit hospitals. That is it. The family doctors get royally rogered, which is why there is a shortage of new physicians going into general practice. What we get is a real lack of meaningful competition for health insurance, as those fuckers have managed to set things up so in most areas, there are only two health insurance companies offering plans, and fat chance that the Antitrust Division of the DoJ is ever going to look into that.

If the Democrats cannot deliver on health insurance, then they are a bunch of incompetent, worthless, and/or corrupt fucks. As it stands now, my intentions for the November `10 elections are to vote for the challengers, regardless of party or what they stand for. They can't be any worse than these microcephalic douchebags.


crankylitprof said...

Congress: "a bunch of incompetent, worthless, and/or corrupt fucks."

No matter which party is "in charge," they largely equal the same shit/different day.

The last three elections, my policy has been "anyone but the incumbent." I plan to keep on with that, as term limits will never, ever happen.

Cujo359 said...

I vote for people, not parties. I usually end up voting Democratic, but that's just because they're more likely to work for my interest than Republicans.

When people were talking about how important reaching sixty Democratic Senators was, I asked "sixty of the sort we have now?" I knew that wasn't nearly enough. We need more progressives, not more Democrats.

I like the captcha for this one "submrons". Quite appropriate when talking about this Congress.