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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wronger Than Wrong; Vast Wasteland Edition

NBC is looking to reboot one of its most successful procedurals.

The network is teaming with Vin Diesel to develop a Miami Vice revival.

I see that the Bad Idea Fairy has been flying around Hollywood again, leaving turds of ideas for all of the desperate producers.

Miami Vice was more than Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. They were the stars, but the uncredited stars were 1980s South Florida, the music arranged and sometimes composed by Jan Hammer and, frankly, the 1980s. That was the real magic, not the snazzy suits, fast cars and unobtainium guns. The show was a vision of Michael Mann, but it proved to be unsustainable over several seasons. Still, the show had a pretty significant cultural impact and is arguably the iconic TV show of the 1980s.

May I remind you that Season 1 of Miami Vice aired a third of a century ago?

They tried to recapture the magic of the show in a movie and it was, arguably, a bomb.

Resurrecting old television series is a dicey affair. Doing so shows more of both a lack of fresh ideas and untreated brain damage than anything else.

Most of them suck. As I expect this lame attempt will.

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