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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trump to Mexico: "New Hampshire is a Drug-Infested Den and Stop Talking About the Wall!"

That's pretty much what Trump told the President of Mexico. "I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den" then tRump pretty much admitted that his "Mexico will pay for he wall" was just a massive lie to gull the stupid people in his base:
"Because you and I are both at a point now where we are both saying we are not to pay for the wall. From a political standpoint, that is what we will say. We cannot say that anymore because if you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that. I am willing to say that we will work it out, but that means it will come out in the wash and that is okay. But you cannot say anymore that the United States is going to pay for the wall. I am just going to say that we are working it out. Believe it or not, this is the least important thing that we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important talk about."
Meanwhile, the Wheels of Justice are grinding away:Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.As I understand things, that's not exactly good news for Trump. Grand juries have subpoena powers, for one. Empaneling a grand jury doesn't mean that charges will be brought, but it increases the possibilities.

Plus the Russian-Trump, Jr. meetings were classic Russian ensnarement.

Today, in the West Wing:

Pass the popcorn.


B said...

Keep hoping.

Ask Santa for a nice puppy too....

CenterPuke88 said...

No, my friend, it is you that keeps digging in the Republican shit, expecting to find a pony named Benghazi...

B said...

weak. CP: you can do better than that.....

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm warming up my stack of yellow and red cards, guys. Play nice.