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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Since this will be the only way anyone will see a He-162 fly:

Interesting how the builder got around the laws banning the swastika in Germany.


deadstick said...

RC jet modeling is remarkably sophisticated these days...there are engines with 40+ pounds of thrust now. Early ones had turbine wheels adapted from automotive superchargers; don't know what they're doing now.

Not easy to stay within visual control range at those speeds.

J4rh34d said...

I think the phantom circle in the middle distorted the swastika enough to get legal.

German Neo-Nazis solved the swastika problem by ising the Confedrate battle flag, instead.

OldAFSarge said...


Phil said...

Wicked fast little joker.

Comrade Misfit said...

"German Neo-Nazis solved the swastika problem by using the Confederate battle flag, instead."

Fucking figures.

Tod Germanica said...

From what I read these plywood throw-away planes had ultra-sensitive controls and were hard as hell to fly, especially for the low-hour Hitler Youth students who were supposed to pilot it. Most losses were due to flameouts and glue delaminations but at least one HE 162 was shot down by a Hawker Typhoon on final approach-the standard allied anti-jet procedure. Eric Brown quite liked it. It was the fastest of the WWII jets.