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Friday, September 30, 2016

Jimbo Goes Back to Prison

John G. Rowland has apparently decided against appealing his sentence for campaign-finance fraud and the former governor reported to a federal prison on Monday to serve a 30-month sentence, Hearst Connecticut Media has learned.

Rowland, 59, was given his old identification number - 15623-014 - when he reported to the federal prison facility in Otisville, N.Y. in Orange County, about 93 miles from his home in Middlebury.
Besides his two convictions for corruption, thanks to Rowland's fuckery as governor, the state is faced with paying out a nine-figure amount to people who Rowland had illegally laid off.

His first conviction was for "honest services fraud", which is pretty much a bullshit catch-all charge that Federal prosecutors would bring when they couldn't really prove anything else. If you left work five minutes early and didn't put that on your timesheet, arguably the Feds could try to send you to prison for that. Or they could until the Supremes limited the charge to cases involving bribes or kickbacks.

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