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Saturday, September 3, 2016


"Keeping the bed warm for you, Mom!"

Today marks two months since I brought him home. He has brought a lot of joy into my life.

Last weekend, Chip tore into another loaf of fresh French bread. Clearly, he likes the stuff and he isn't going to loaf around, waiting for me to give him some. The cat's a serious breaditor. As for cat food, yesterday he scarfed down a can of Fancy Feast in 3 minutes, 35.71 seconds.

His health is mostly good. He has a bit of a yeast infection in one ear, for which he is receiving drops. Seven drops in each ear, twice a day. I guess the idea is that at least a little bit will get down to where it's needed. Even with massaging his ears afterwards, I wind up being spritzed with the stuff.

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Marc said...

Miri, my rescue, has a little eye irritation - getting the drops in her eye twice a day is not fun. But we do what we need do for our furkids, no matter how much they protest. Glad Chip is helping you out in making sure you don't have to make the bed.