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Friday, September 23, 2016

Ruger Mk.IV

A write-up by Tam.

I was kind of hoping that the new-seekrit Ruger would be a .44 Special revolver for the CCW market, but this still looks interesting.

No doubt Volquartsen will be selling accurizing kits in reasonably short order.

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Tod Germanica said...

I still have a Ruger Mark II I bought in the 1990s like new for $125. I put on cocobolo wood target grips with Uncle Mike's military style black nylon flap holster (widow-maker). I'll never sell it but I don't know why. Tinnitus from 8" howitzers in Vietnam stop me from shooting any more. BTW the Army turned down my medical claim because my constant ear buzzing didn't affect my job, they said! Fuckers.