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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump: The Frank Burns of American Politics

Donald Trump blamed the moderator, a bad microphone and anyone but himself Tuesday after he was forced onto defense by Hillary Clinton's cascade of critiques about his taxes, honesty and character in the first presidential debate.
Duke Forrest on Frank Burns: "Every time a patient croaks on him he says it's 'God's will' or somebody else's fault."

That's The Donald. He showed up unprepared for a 90-minute debate and he even had the gall to try to make it seem as though trying to bullshit through it was a virtue. When he fell flat on his face, it was the fault of the microphone, of the audience, of the moderator, and maybe of the guy who didn't get lost while driving the limo to the hall. It's the immature losers of these things that make excuses for their shitty performances. An adult would have acknowledged that he did a shitty job, but that's not Trump. He's a petulant 12-year old boy in the body of a short-fingered old man.

It's always the losers who blame the referees. That the Trumpistas are bleating about the moderator tells you all you need to know about who prevailed last night.

Now maybe he'll just run away, as Rudy Giuliani suggested.[1] Apparently, to Rudy, "journalist" is equal to "stenographer".[2]
[1] Rudy's learned his military strategy from the original Mussolini.
[2] Besides, Giuliani's full of shit, for stop-and-frisk was indeed held to be unconstitutional. But the Mussolini of Manhattan's gotten a little rusty, since he effectively stopped practicing law about 25 years ago.


3383 said...

As one who dislikes Trump less than Hillary, I thought the moderator let Trump get away with too much.

dinthebeast said...

I didn't like his answer about nuclear first strike. Shouldn't he know at least that much? And thank you for calling what he did by its name, I heard all kinds of efforts tonight to call it anything but that, but its name is bullshit.

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

"Besides, Giuliani's full of shit, for stop-and-frisk was indeed held to be unconstitutional. "
And not only that, *unrteasonable* S&F was started under Bloomberg not Il Duce. Excellent recap here:

Just as right-turn-on-red is legal after coming to a stop everywhere in the US except NYC, it appears unreasonable S&F only became a police policy in NYC...tho as anyone with a melanin excess will tell you they're at lewast at risk everywhere.