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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Goddamnit, Are We Ever Going to Guillotine These Fuckers; Pharma Edition

A US drug company has increased the price of an acne cream by more than 3,900% to $9,561 in less than 18 months in the latest example of drug “price gouging”, which has enraged the American public and become a central topic of debate in the presidential election campaign.

Novum Pharma, a recently formed privately held Chicago-based company, bought the rights to drug Aloquin in May 2015. The 60g cream, which contains two cheap ingredients, was sold by its previous owner, Primus Pharmaceuticals, for $241.50.

Novum almost immediately increased the price by 1,100%, and hiked the price higher still in January 2016. Figures seen by the Financial Times show the company increased the price a third time last week to take the cost to $9,561.
The spokesweasel for Novum said that their products are "affordable to patients", which is a huge laugh in and of itself.

I don't know who the dead-armadillo-blowing bottom-feeders are who own the company, but I expect that information will soon be ferreted out and they will reap the public scorn and ridicule that they so richly deserve.



Nangleator said...

These people may end up being responsible for nationalizing the pharma industry. We go to war with people for their oil, for fuck's sake. Just imagine what we'll do to for the drugs that we need to save our lives.

Paul Wartenberg said...

this is what's bothering me:


How is anybody going to spend money on their drugs when NOBODY other than the uberrich is going to afford them?

At some point that basic Supply-Demand chart that works with that Big X we learned back in fifth grade has got to pull its karmic revenge.

dinthebeast said...

I saw this today and thought you might like it:


-Doug in Oakland