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Monday, September 26, 2016

Worth a Look; Mideast Ed.

An interview with the King of Jordan:

While shouldering much of the burden of the Syrian refugee crisis, the Jordanians seem to be fighting by Israel's playbook: Never give the enemy a break and always extract vengeance for brutality.

A question for NATO and the Obama Administration: Why aren't you asking the Jordanians what military equipment they need and then why aren't the C-5s, C-17s, A-330s and 747s in the air, already?

The King made a couple points that are worth hammering home.

First, that the West (the First World) is making a mistake by not going after all of the extremists at the same time. In our parlance, we're playing whack-a-mole. The King believes we need to hit all of the holes, simultaneously.

Second, that the Islamophobic rhetoric in the West is aiding and abetting the extremists. Al Qaeda flew those airliners on September 11th in order to spark an overreaction from the United States. The Islamophobic crap about "we are at war with Islam" serves the purposes of al Queda and ISIL. The Western Islamophobes are instrumental in helping the goal of the extremists to radicalize Muslims.

So why aren't we prosecuting Islamophobes for aiding and abetting the enemy?

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