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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Yard Signs

In my drives and strolls, I've seen a lot of yard signs promoting various candidates: Governor, senator, congressman, county assessor, lieutenant governor (who wants that job) and so forth.

But I rarely ever see a yard sign for any of the presidential candidates.

That tells me something, but I'm not sure what.


dinthebeast said...

Maybe that nobody wants their house vandalized?

-Doug in Oakland

Joe said...

Alas, yes. I wanted to put up the only Clinton/Kaine sign in Shenandoah County, but my wife vetoed it for that reason.

I'm not seeing yard signs in town. Out on the back roads I see occasional Trump signs, obviously printed by Bob Goodlatte's organization.

w3ski said...

I've seen no Hillary signs and only one tRump sign, so far anyway. The tRump sign is on a steep hill above the road and behind a chain link fence. I suppose they feel safe to display it in those surroundings. The local Hardware store however has had Tea Party flags up for years now. It seems that in the free air and rain, the Tea Party colors 'do run'. The American flag, next to the yellow rag is years old and Never fades. Those yellow rags have been replaced multiple times now. Typical.

Paul Wartenberg said...

the passions for the Presidency are pretty high. I am dreading putting out my Hillary sign next to my Florida Gators alum yard flag.

Paul Wartenberg said...

There is a house in Mulberry FL decorated with Trump (and Rick Scott) signs and it's got half the windows boarded up while a super-truck that rednecks worship sits in the open driveway. I don't think anybody's vandalizing that place.