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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Coverup in Charlotte?

The Charlotte police are citing a law that hasn't yet come into effect as justification for not releasing the video of the shooting of Mr. Keith Scott.

That's bullshit. And it smells of coverup.

Just as it did in Chicago, where the city fought the release of the video showing Mr. Laquan McDonald being murdered by a cop.

I submit, Gentle Readers, that if the video in Charlotte supported the story of the cops, that it would have been released, somehow, within 24 hours.

UPDATE: The Charlotte cops are doubling down on their stance of "fuck you, no video". Again, I submit that if the video showed Mr. Scott with a gun, it would have been released. But since it hasn't, I will believe that the correct story is that he had a book in his hand and the cops killed him for Reading While Black.


Nangleator said...

That law was clearly crafted to nullify the negative (to police) effects of dashcams and body cams. Now, and apparently not before the actual law is in effect, cops no longer have to bother themselves with shutting off those cameras when they intend to commit a crime against the public.

It is evident that North Carolina intends to commit many more crimes against the public.

Nangleator said...

Is it a law on the books that a state government or state agency can't be charged as accessory after the fact? I ask because I'd get in all sorts of trouble for helping to hide evidence of somebody's crime. Not so much them.

dinthebeast said...

I don't know much about NC law. It does look bad, but from my experience, cops don't like cameras. They may or may not understand what it looks like to the rest of us, and they may or may not care.
What I do know is that when OPD started wearing body cameras, Judge Thelton Henderson (who oversees them due to a previous lawsuit) appointed a commission whose job is to review and release the video from the body cams. I sort of lost track of how that has progressed, but when they started doing that both the cops and the citizens were all in favor of it, the cops because it was as fair a deal as they would get, and more importantly, the citizens felt that the video would actually mean something. That's turning out to be kind of important.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

OK, I just saw that his parents have seen the video, and they are calling for its immediate release, if that tells you anything.

-Doug in Oakland