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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monsanto is too Dirty a Name?

With Bayer AG’s proposed $66 billion purchase of Monsanto Co., the company that invented Aspirin is poised to take on one of the world’s biggest corporate headaches. A potential cure: dropping the Monsanto name.

The German drug and chemical conglomerate is considering that move to avoid sullying its reputation, according to people familiar with internal discussions at Bayer who asked not to be named because the talks are private.
Really? A company that made poison gas in the First World War, whose "doctors" conducted "medical research" in concentration camps during the Second World War, who promoted them to high positions after the war and which, to this day, has stuck with its Nazi-inspired rewriting of the history of the development of its signature product in order to eliminate any credit due to a Jew, this is the company that fears that "Monsanto" would sully its good name?

Ye Gods!

Compared to what Bayer has done, Monsanto is like a kid scribbling on the walls with crayon.


deadstick said...

"the company that invented Aspirin "

...and heroin.

Stewart Dean said...

Yes....and they tried it on their employees, it said it made them feel heroisch (heroic), hence the name heroin.
From a long-ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan constituent newsletter. He would also confound Soviets by saying, "That's not what Lenin said to me..."

B said...

Yeah, but the feel good Mother earth worshipping Gaia types don't know history....But they do hate Monsanto.

dinthebeast said...

B: Some of us do. Know it pretty well, in fact. A few of us just had to move out of the old foundry building we were living in because Bayer leaned on the city to get us zoned out of existence, too.
Stereotypes don't always work with us. Lots of us love nature because we grew up in it, and as a result of that, we shoot pretty well also.

-Doug in Oakland

p.s. Fuck Bayer, and while we're at it, fuck Monsanto. Maybe they can participate in the Great Rebranding coming up this November.