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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Almost a Good Idea from Gary Johnson. Almost.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson on Monday said he would shutter the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as president. ... Johnson, the former GOP governor of New Mexico, said he would have the FBI assume the DHS’s responsibilities.
Disestablishing DHS is a decent enough idea. They are a clusterfuck agency, with La Migra chasing down lawful private pilots, when not acting like tenth-rate music critics.[1]. DHS, an agency founded to fight terrorism, is combating art theft, copyright violations, illegal parking, and child pornography.

But putting the FBI in charge is a terrible idea. The FBI was fascist back when fascism was cool. And they are fucking pretty good at it, for they've had over a century's worth of practice.

Johnson calls himself a "libertarian", which is hooey. Anyone who advocates giving more power to the FBI is a statist. You'd expect such an inane proposal from DiFi or Peter King (R-IRA), not a "libertarian.
[1] Kind of like making the meter maids do building inspections.


Paul Wartenberg said...

With regards to the whole DHS as well as the Dept of Justice, there's a ton of bureaucratic overlap and dead ends that need to get cleaned out. Homeland Security was a bad idea has not done what it's supposed to do.

Like it or not, the FBI is very good at what it does when it's good. Trick is, it needs better oversight and accountability to keep it good.

Nangleator said...

Full replacement of all personnel and management and administration, all on the same day might work.

But not if you fill the ranks with ex-policemen.