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Monday, May 25, 2015

This Isn't Memorial Day

A continuing objection.

Making Memorial Day into a three day weekend is akin to those pissant towns that declare that they're only running speed traps to enforce the law: You know they're lying about it. The only reason that they run speed traps is to collect revenue. If they weren't allowed to keep the money, they'd not run the speed traps (or disincorporate as a town).

The three-day-weekend Memorial Day is all about money. It's all about encouraging people to spend their money. It has fuck-all to do with honoring those deceased men and women who served their country.


w3ski said...

Is there any holiday left in America at least, where we aren't "encouraged" to shop?
Even bush after 2001 said "go and shop".
We have sadly become a nation of 'shoppers', not doers.

Old NFO said...

One of the big reasons I REFUSE to shop today. Not giving them a penny. I'll spend the day reflecting on lost friends.

Robert Fowler said...

Sadly, too many of today's youths have no idea what Memorial day is about. They think it's national BBQ and beer day.

zdogk9 said...

Let's see, got off work at 0800, went to the local cemetery for the ceremony the VFW puts on. Trimmed the brambles off some family graves, and those of persons whose people have move elsewhere. Reflected on a couple of people I served with who didn't come home, called one I served with who got on the airplane and never made it back

Snowdog said...

all i bought today was cat food-and that's just because I forgot to get it yesterday, and the feline overlords demand their dinner. Screw the sales, that's not what today is about.