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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Big Muddy; Aerial Edition

Some photos from a recent flight:

This is a tug pushing a lashup of barges up the lower Mississippi:

This is one of the more important river junctions in the nation: The meeting of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers at Cairo, Illinois. The Ohio is further away. The land closest is in Missouri, the tip is southernmost Illinois and beyond that is Kentucky.

A little further down from Cairo, the Mississippi loops back up, brushes by New Madrid, MO and heads back south. All three waterways visible are parts of the Mississippi. The land between the closest and middle portions of the river makes up the Kentucky Bend, though the portion to the right in the photo is in Tennessee.

When The Powers That Be in Gideon, MO wanted to build a new airport, they just built it next to the old one.

Cape Girardeau, MO is to the left of the river. They filmed some of the last Ben Affleck movie there.

And since this is an airplane post, this one was gassing up at my home plate before I left.


Murphy's Law said...

Excellent shots of my favorite river. Someday I hope to canoe it all the way from Lake Itsaca down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Murphy's Law said...

BTW, that Flybaby is a cool little plane Never heard of it before this, but now I want one, flood-up wings and all.

So tell us more about the flight. How'd you happen to be flying down there?

Sport Pilot said...

Good pictures, what were you flying?

Re: Fly Baby A/C. Murphy do your due diligence as it's a wood & fabric design intended to be flown with a C-85 engine. They're affordable but a bit of a tight fit.

Comrade Misfit said...

SP, a Stinson Voyager.

That particular Fly Baby was built in 1975 (likely over several years prior to that). Any wood and fabric airplane that old should be the subject of a rather good pre-purchase inspection by somebody who knows that they are about.

Murphy's Law said...

So you're saying that it's probably not going to make a good aerobat?

Stewart Dean said...

That isn't a lashup, it's a "tow", even though it's pushed. On the Ohio and Missasip they push tows, on the Hudson, they tow tows (usually just one barge). Less efficient, 'cuz your barge catches your propwash and "pulls back"