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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shorter Texas: "We'll Secede Next Year, Lord Willing and If the Creeck Don't Rise."

Because the creek done riz this month!

President Obama:
I assured Governor Abbott that he could count on the help of the federal government. We have FEMA personnel already on the ground. They are coordinating with Texas Emergency Management authorities, and I will anticipate that there will be some significant requests made to Washington. My pledge to him is that we will expedite those requests to make sure that both search-and-rescue operations where necessary, but also recovery operations occur as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
The Teabagger states have no trouble with tin-cupping the Feds whenever they can. They hate themselves DasGov, until they have a need for those Federal greenbacks.

If your party's and your state's basic policy is "we hate Washington", then stop taking money from them.


Sevesteen said...

"We'd like Washington to take less of our money, but until they do we'll play their games to get some back".

I don't see a conflict here. I think the home mortgage deduction is a bad idea--but it is still moral for me to take the deduction.

dinthebeast said...

Wait, I thought they didn't want "FEMA personnel in their state...

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

And lest you think that Secede Texas has rolled up their door mats and gone home, nope. They claim the reason that Texas needs FEMA help is because Texas sends more money to Washington than they get back from Washington, and an independent Texas wouldn't need FEMA help. Yep, that's what they really said.

Of course, what they don't say is why Texas is sending more money to the Feds than they get back from the Feds: It's because Texas refused the Medicaid expansion and its billions of dollars of additional funding. Texans are being taxed for what it costs to provide that Medicaid expansion, but the state is refusing to accept the money. Texans ought to be angry about that, but, hey, Jade Helm, yo. Ferrets. Attention span of ferrets. Bah.