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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

O Boy! O Boy! O Boy!; 1911 Edition

There is a legislative proposal in the process to order the Army to sell off its old stock of 1911A1 pistols through the CMP. The Army has about 90,000 of them, which have been sitting unused since they ere replaced by the M9 Beretta.

As far as I know, the Army hadn't bought any 1911s since the end of World War Two. They're just sitting in storage, costing about $200,000 a year to maintain.

Sure, the CMP would have to inspect them all, which would cost something. But they'd probably sell, on average, for at least $500 apiece. Do the math: $45 million, plus a savings of $200K a year, less the sales costs. Still enough to buy one or two new H-60s.

Sure, the 1911 is pretty much obsolete. But to have a WW2 1911A1 to go along with my Remington M1903 and my Garand? When can I send a check?


Murphy's Law said...

It sounds great. Now we just have to get the CMP to agree to change their charter to allow them to sell handguns, and then it still has to get past B.O.. But I agree, a few original USGI 1911s would fit in real well over here.

Robert Fowler said...

I'd volunteer to help the good folks at CMP inspect them for the choice of two.

mikey said...

Obsolete? Tell that to Les Baer....

w3ski said...

I love my 1930 something Colt 1911 A1. Dad knew a good pistol when he saw it and it has become my pride and joy to shoot.
The only thing I do think about it, is which of my kids will appreciate it the most after I pass on.
I have shot a few different pistols and revolvers but nothing ever pointed as true for me as that 1911.

Comrade Misfit said...

Mikey, Les Baer 1911s start at north of two grand and go up from there. That's a far cry from the "combat tupperware" guns.