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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shorter FBI: "Dissent = Terrorism"

That's the position that the FBI's office in Houston took: If you opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, you were an extremist, a terrorist, and they opened investigations on your ass.

There are a lot of different markers for fascism, but labeling dissent as treason and using the power of the police to protect the interests of corporations are two of them. But hey, the Feebies have been flirting with this game since before they created the Nightwatch InfraGard program. (Some other posts on it.) The FBI has a track record of confusing political dissent with treason that goes back longer than most of my readers have been alive.


Nangleator said...

Trying to stay relevant to America by breaking with the founding concepts of the country...

Embarrassing enough if they had missed the obvious signs of 9/11... but so much worse, they DID notice it and failed to do anything about it.

We'd be safer putting the Crips and/or Bloods in charge of anti-terrorism.

montag said...

The ghost of J Edgar Hoover hangs heavy throughout the FBI

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon? If you took the same position as the President you were deemed a possible terrorist? Considering Obama's long association with Bill Ayers that sounds about right.

For the record, I am pro Keystone. The thing is that by 2018 the Energy East pipeline from the oilsands (and those portions of the Bakken formation that are in Canada) to Montreal will be complete and in 2019 it will extend to the Bay of Fundy. From there it can be put onto supertankers and go anywhere in the world.

All that opposition to Keystone has accomplished is to deny jobs to Americans.


Comrade Misfit said...

How many permanent jobs would that pipeline provide? A hundred, maybe? Less?

Anonymous said...

No idea. First you would have to know how many jobs are provided by the >25,000miles of pipeline that already exist in the USA.

The premise of the enviro-brigade is that Keystone XL should be blocked so that the oilsands remain untapped. They ignore the fact that there will soon be two pipelines connecting northern Alberta to the oceans. The Northern Gateway to Kitimat, BC will allow supertankers to carry diluted bitumen to customers in the Pacific Rim. Energy East which is reversing the direction of a '70s natural gas pipeline will bring the diluted bitumen to Montreal where Shell has a huge refinery and then to the Bay of Fundy. Since bitumen requires a different refinery than light crude, some of the bitumen will end up in Texas to be refined at the existing heavy oil/bitumen refineries. It will arrive by tankers heading down the east coast, around Florida and through the gulf rather than by pipeline. One has to ask what Obama and the enviro'mental'ists will have achieved then. Other than making Warren Buffet richer that is, since his BNSF railway is
making a huge profit transporting the bitumen in trains of a hundred plus tank cars.

In any case those who oppose Keystone XL are violating the spirit of the North American Free Trade Agreement that both our countries governments have signed.