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Monday, May 18, 2015

And Tomorrow, Putin Will Swim Across the Yangtse River

Russian President Vladimir Putin has played in an exhibition hockey game and scored one goal after another on assists from retired NHL players.

Putin's team won 18 to 6, with eight of those goals made by the 62-year-old president, most of them on assists from Pavel Bure, one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history, and Colorado Avalanche star Valeri Kamensky.
I don't know shit about hockey, but I'll bet that the average high-school goalie could have stopped at least seven of those shots on goal.

But since people who incur Putin's ire tend to end up in prison or worse, it's probably no shock that the opposing goalie played about as well as Helen Keller would have.


pdxpharris said...

jealous western propagandists at cbs news refused to note that Putin was riding a snow tiger bareback on the ice. It was the tiger who was wearing the skates.

w3ski said...

I guess Putin had to go "one up" on Mittens and his 'boxing' match. Or was Mittens first? Whatever, neither one had a real reason other than publicity and that just doesn't mean doodly squat to me. Not unlike 'Ahrnie' and his "films".
A cult of personality is kinda creepy to me.