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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Health Insurance Companies

Given that my insurance has gone up 40% over the last two years, now making it the single highest bill that I pay each month, I have just one thing to say to you guys:

I hope you all die of a loathsome disease and that you die soon, painfully, and often.

And this goes tenfold for your overpaid executives. But first, may your feet rot off.

EBM out.


Anonymous said...

Insurance premiums are going up because they have to cover more people and covet more stuff. Also, the requirement that people buy insurance results in decreased competition in the market.

Welcome to statist hell.

bearsense said...

I call Bullshit !!
The health care insurance companies sole goal is to "pay no claim."
They've finally been called on it.
It's time for Universal Single Payer" coverage in this country --just like most of the civilized world.
Let everyone pay 5% (or some other reasonable number) of their gross income for coverage. It's got to be better than what we're enduring now.

Moe said...

Yobama Care. Gone up 40%; No F-ing surprises there.

Now where is Badtux loudly proclaiming "pay up suckers, it's the law of da land"


Capt Craig said...

What's you r problem? You voted the bastard in both times , didn't you?

Comrade Misfit said...

So the Republican model is that health insurance will be cheap if nobody has it? Because if more people have it, the risk pool should be broader and because the risk is spread out, it should be cheaper.

But it's not. The fucking greedhead CEOs take home eight figures and we all pay for it.