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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stay Classy, Baltimore

Bail amount for smashing the window of a police car (no felony charge): $500,000.

Bail amount for DWI with a fatality: $2,500,000.

Bail amount for murdering someone: $350,000.


Of course the murderer gets a lower bail because he's a cop.

To the credit of the Baltimore PD, they realized that a cover-up wasn't in the cards and they apparently conducted a serious investigation.

Meanwhile, the Balmer cop's union guy said that arresting murdering cops "makes our job even harder." No, asswipe, what makes your job harder is being so cavalier with the use of force that the residents would trust street gangs over your union brothers.


Murphy's Law said...

I can hardly wait until this case blows up in the face of Ms. "pander to the rioters" prosecutress and those six officers walk and get their jobs back. Egregious over-charging just to appease the lawless mobs and a real lawyer going in front of an honest judge (if one of the latter can be found in Baltimore) is going to make mincemeat of those BS charges.

Just my opinion of course, but I'm pretty confident in it. Wonder how violent the savages will get when THAT happens.

Comrade Misfit said...

Interesting. So your earlier position of waiting until they had done an investigation is no longer operative?

Or is it that the conclusion they were coming up with doesn't suit your narrative.

And as for the use of the word "savages", crimus, man! I don't know you in the real world, and you seem like a nice enough guy from your blog, but are you trolling here to get people to you call you a racist, so you can then say "I was trying to have a serious discussion, but there you go, calling me a racist"? Because that's what it's starting to seem like.

Moe said...


Savages!!! Christ man, don't disappoint the Comrade; go ahead and call them feral apes.


Sport Pilot said...

It was a rushed investigation with rushed charges all of which has gone against prosecutors in other high profile politically motivated police officer arrests. They may have a good case but this reads like a scare them into taking a lesser plea.

Murphy's Law said...

Re the "investigation". The police department barely had theirs done before this prosecutor--one married to a vocal city councilman and with strong ties to Gray's family's attorney and spokesperson came out with charges, totally bypassing the grand jury process and refusing calls for a special attorney. She wants this one bad, and it smacks of political gamesmanship and an agenda based on appeasing the crowds, actual facts and circumstances be damned.

And let's be clear--this was one isolated incident involving one career criminal, and absent even a suggestion of any sort of pattern of abusive behavior by these officers or any others in Baltimore, I'm not willing to quickly throw these six under the bus. Were mistakes made? Probably. Negligence? Maybe. Intentional wrongdoing or an intent to harm this guy or anyone else? Not seeing that yet. And until I do see that, I'm supporting the six men and woman who came to work that morning to fight crime in a city plagued with it, and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt

And savages...what else would you call people (of any color) who rampage around destroying property, attacking people and blatantly defying the laws and refusing to recognize the authority of our civil government? And before you or anyone else tries to make it a racial issue, there were plenty of scumbag white kids who rushed in and participated, not only in Baltimore but in New York, Philadelphia and other cities. The label applies to them too.

Oh, and believe me, with all due respect to you and your blog, I have better things to do with my time than try to bait a few people who have already shown that they come pre-offended by practically everything that doesn't fit their own worldview. Not really my style and not my intent here at all. However, if people of any color want to act like uncivilized savages, far be it from me not to call them out on it.

dinthebeast said...

It's not the job of the police to mete out punishment, that's the job of the court. So at the very least, they were incompetent.
If there's no pattern of the occurrence of what they did, how come they have a name for it?
If you "accidentally" killed one of your clients at any other job, and it made major headlines, you'd get investigated with a quickness.
Plus, even though they've been charged, they likely won't be convicted because cops are very difficult to prosecute, which is what much of the anger on display is about.
Also, I submit that your attitude would be different if the abuse was pointed at you.

-Doug in Oakland

Murphy's Law said...

Doug, agree, but so far, based on the information that was released, we don't even have an indication that these officers were trying to punish Gray. All we really know is that they didn't seat-belt him in. That's it. If he stood up and was moving around and he fell and hit his head, which is what I suspect happened, that's negligence and nothing more. What are the disciplinary records of these six officers? Have they always been good or bad? We don't know that. Are we throwing away six good officers just to appease a bunch of hooligans and thugs because it's easier and more PC to buy them off with a show trial than taking the streets back from them and actually punishing those who are knowingly doing wrong? Again, we don't know. Too many unanswered questions, and that, coupled with what seems to be a hurried rush to charge these six with anything and everything in the book, makes me question the whole process at work here in Baltimore. And based on what I've seen and heard thus far, I do not trust this prosecutor and I believe that she's putting truth and justice secondary to making a certain segment of the population happy.

Anyone remember what happened when the Travon Martin prosecutor did the same thing?

CenterPuke88 said...

"I do not trust this prosecutor" is close to the only factual statement in that comment.

You have thrown mud against the wall (allegations of impropriety, rushes to judgement, propositions of causation,,etc) and are just hoping that by doing such, you will provide a smoke-screen for your baked-in belief that those angelic cops MUST be innocent BECAUSE they are fighting "savages".

Fact: You have no knowledge of what information the prosecutor had at her disposal in making these charges. Fact: A grand jury is NOT required to prefer charges. Fact: False data is being fed to the media (e.g. Washington Post) by a person or persons unknown in an attempt to mislead the public. Fact: You continually use semantically loaded words to suggest that we are seeing uncivilized sub-humans react in an inappropriate manner to "lawful authority", and then refuse to admit your dog whistling.

I don't know why you hate your fellow man so much, or why you refuse to accept that the color of a persons skin reveals nothing about their character, but I feel truly sorry for those who interact with you on a daily basis. Perhaps one of the enclaves in Idaho has room for another like thinker.

Murphy's Law said...

Hey Centerpuke,

Let's try something new, ok? Let's talk about the issue for a change and not me. I know it's harder to actually put your own opinions out there and participate in an actual academic discussion than it is to just attack other posters personally, but you might actually come to enjoy it once you start doing it.

CenterPuke88 said...

This issue was clearly presented and was being discussed in comments. You dissented from the thesis of the post and from much of the discussion. I am expounding my concerns with your falsehoods and strawmen. Feel free to properly annotate your comments in future if you wish to have an academic discussion, that way we can see exactly what world your comments are from.

So, to you, an attack is any person who doesn't fall into line behind you, dares to speak up and calls you on your errors. There is a name for that, and Comrade has put it forth.

Murphy's Law said...

Tell you what. If my words on your screen get you that upset--and they obviously do--and you find yourself unable or unwilling to show me the same basic courtesy and respect that I've always shown you here, then maybe you should just ignore me. And you might want to try a couple of classes in anger management and tolerance, too. Just a helpful suggestion.

Now in accordance with the stated wishes of this site's owner, this ends here. Throw your last rocks if you really feel like you have to, but I won't bother responding to you again in this thread.

Comrade Misfit said...


I've warned folks before about playing nice.

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