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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Caturday; Angry Cat Edition

Jake is sulking.

He wasn't peeing right. Instead of good lumps of pee in the litterbox (clumping litter), he was either putting out lumps the size of a marble or a pea. And he was complaining about it.

So yesterday morning, it was off to the vet. Blood tests, x-rays, hydration and a shot of penicillin. The suspicion is he has a bladder infection. And he got urinary tract canned food.

Jake's reaction has been as though he was channeling George: He dropped a turd right in the middle of my bed. Hell, even George, the Master of Fecal Communication, never did that.

Jake has been to the vet's for extractions (three sessions), shots, blood work, enemas and a couple of x-rays. He's never acted like this before.

It's now Saturday morning and all is forgiven. But I haven't yet given him his morning meds....

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