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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Know What, Mitt?

... go fuck yourself, your kids, and the dog that you strapped to the roof of your SUV.

Mittens paid fifteen percent of his income in taxes. That's been true for the last dozen or so years, since he quote-retured-unquote from his job as a vulture capitalist.

Which means that for the past umticlutch years, I've paid more of my income in taxes than ol' Willard the Liar, and I made less than a hundredth as much. Maybe a thousandth.

But I still paid more of my income in taxes.*


How is this fucking fair? Just because rich douchenozzles like Mittens get the Congress to write the tax laws so that pirates and sponges pay less a percentage of their income in taxes than people who actually work for a fucking living?

Oh, and according to what I heard on the TV, ol' Willard was saying that he earned "a little bit" in speaking fees for his last tax year.   "A little bit" to Mittens was somewhere around a quarter of a million dollars.  You can be in the top 1% in most areas of this country with just making what that insulated jackoff regards as "a little bit".

A quarter of a million bucks is nothing but chump change to Willard M. Romney

Can we get to rolling out the tumbrels

and building the guillotines?

* Until I was laid off.

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