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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shorter Mitch Daniels: "We Are All Doomed."

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Daniels, who is currently on track to drag Indiana down to the level of Mississippi, hasn't been known in the past for being exceptionally accurate when it comes to economics. As Bush's budget director, he said that the Bush tax cuts would lead to budget surpluses, when they really led to staggering deficits. Daniels took his job when the Federal government was running budget surpluses of over $200 billion; he was a major player in running it in the other direction. He stated that the Iraq War would cost, at most, $60 billion and he fired the analyst who said that it would cost $300 billion. (The overall cost of the Iraq is on the order of $3 trillion.)


OldRetiredDude said...

Even before Daniels speech I wondered at the wisdom of putting Bush's former budget manager and current right to work (for less) Indiana Governor up for the GOP rebuttal. After the speech I was positive, this guy is so white he looked like a ghost, and so dull that it should have been a parody skit on SNL. GOP = Grumpy Old People party.

Frank W. James said...

You're too late. My area of Indiana makes Mississippi look prosperous, but then we're just a bunch of rural hicks who can't tell time, who want to save our rural public schools, who don't play golf at his club and we definitely DON'T contribute big dollars to his campaign fund.

May HE Rot In Hell...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

lisahgolden said...

Hey, Frank, where are you in Indiana? Not to pry, but I talked to my parents night before last and they were disgusted by Daniels. My dad was a union member before he retired and he's furious about the right to work for less crap.

(I grew up in Rising Sun, went to I.U. and Ball State.)

Frank W. James said...

Lisa: I was born and raised here and I LOVE this state. I just HATE what Daniels has done to it. God Help Us All if he ever returns to Washington...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Frank W. James said...

Lisa: Sorry I missed the question, I'm about 30 miles north of Purdue in northwest Indiana...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

lisahgolden said...

Hi, Frank! I saw on your blog that you're in the flat parts. I'm familiar with the area from all those drives between southern IN and Chicago. Great farmland. All my family is still in the southern part of the state near the Ohio River. I love the state, too. I hate to see things going so haywire there.