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Monday, January 23, 2012

Frothy Speaketh: "Being Raped is a Gift."

Santorum has to be one of the most despicable people walking around in a suit these days.

How is this not a form of slavery?

But what the hell, if you follow Frothy's line of reasoning, then miscarriages should be investigated as homicides.


BadTux said...

And the baby implanted by the rapist is a gift from God.

Funny, I thought it was the sperm from the rapist that did it. At least, that's what they taught us in biology class (minus the rape part of course). But maybe Frothy has a different biology book than the rest of us. Or maybe his God is a rapist. Huh.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

Or maybe his God is a rapist.

Maybe. Frothy's bible may have Jesus as the child from a forcible rape. And it could also have Zombie Jesus walking around and biting people for 40 days.

Eck! said...

Frothy is just tryin to be a good country gentleman. After all babies is good and barefoot in the kitchen is good.

Now where my switch so I can beat some sense into that boy.

A man like that could sent the whole country back 100 years.


ECBndts said...

Is it just me or do all these Christan Conservatives who claim to be "good Christians" end up being the ones who say the most horrible thing imaginable? I mean if you believe in Jesus do you really think he'd be a republican or a Liberal Socialist who only wants to help those less fortunate.

OldRetiredDude said...

I swear, the candidates that are left running in the GasOilParty are from another planet! I'm almost starting to miss Trump! Just Kidding...
These people make me hate religion, but then I have always said that religion is for the weak minded.
Point made.