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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Michael Hayden: Partisan Troll or Idiot?

You decide:
Very little in life is truly inevitable. When briefing policy makers, I would try to point out that a lot of it wasn't even predictable (at least in any scientific sense). But surely what is happening in Iraq, the increasingly darkening clouds of sectarian division, can hardly be described as unexpected.
No fucking shit. Someone who was paying attention could have predicted as much before the fucking war started. But no, it was the Bush Administration, populated with tools like Hayden, who thought that if we invaded Iraq, that we could transform a secular dictatorship into a secular democracy. Sort of like the way that Iran transformed itself from a secular dictatorship into a secular democracy.

Oh, wait. That never frakking happened!

Hayden also neglected to point out a couple of facts. The "out by the end of `11" was negotiated by President Bush. Second, the Iraqis were willing to let combat troops stay, but only if they were subject to Iraqi law. The Iraqi legal system is about as independent as the Russian legal system, the insistence of the Iraqi government that our combat troops be subject to their law was a dealbreaker for both sides. If President Obama had agreed to that, the very same chorus of putzim who are now criticizing the withdrawal would have been screaming blue bloody murder.

Why CNN agreed to publish Hayden's little screed, given that he is on Mitten's payroll, is another question entirely.


bob said...

It should be remembered that it was as the head of No Such Agency, that a great deal of questionable intelligence about Iraq's WMD programs was produced, for the internal consumption of the Shrub Administration

Not one of the NSA finer momemts.

The data gathering was acceptable, it was the analysis that was very poor.

His actions are more what I would expect from a Putz rather than a Schmuck.

Stewart Dean said...

Discussing the inevitable, let's not forget A-stan. For 2500 years, the cream of empires have waltzed in and had their ass handed to them. Except for Genghis Khan and the Sikhs, who did it by mountains of skulls.
As Templeton said:
"The four most expensive words in the English language are: 'This time it's different'"
Thank you Dubyah for getting us in there, thank you Obama, you turkey, for being so bright, so informed, so deluded by the War College Kool-Aid as to re-up there