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Thursday, January 19, 2012

NYPD and Kahr

I know it's old news, but effective a month ago, the NYPD outlawed the Kahr K9 as a permitted off-duty gun. It was banned for new purchases and those who had them were grandfathered, but that ended. The issue was the trigger pull; supposedly the brass at 1PP have decreed a minimum trigger pull of 12lbs.

Word I heard is that Glock is running a hell of a trade-in deal for the NYPD officers, $50 for a Glock 26. Or they can buy a S&W 3916(?) for six bills or better.

I don't understand why Glock would offer that sort of trade-in deal.


w3ski said...

I don't know a Kahr form a Glock but it sounds to me like a lack of training issue. Why must the poor cop have to grind two pieces of rusty metal together with 12 plus pounds of pressure to get a shot off?
OK, I understand the safety of the suspect angle but what about every one else in the area?
I believe in hair triggers, I've made many a kill shot(hunting) at extreme ranges because of it.
Training is the issue, ie: keep your damn finger off the trigger till you are on target.
Oh well, more love for my Colt 1911.

Justin Buist said...

I don't understand why Glock would offer that sort of trade-in deal.

Inexpensive marketing. It doesn't cost Glock a whole lot to make a pistol (estimates I've seen are around $125 or less) and this pretty much guarantees them the ability to say "X% of off-duty NYPD officers trust Glock"

So the "cost" ends up being the difference in profit between making a Glock and selling it to the officers are retail and what they'll make dumping the used Kahr pistols on the market.

(I only had two hours sleep last night so I probably did a piss-poor job explaining that.)

Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, the NYPD mandates a minimum trigger pull of 12lbs. I've heard rumors that they may change it to 14lbs.

Back in the day, the NYPD required that the revolvers not have hammer spurs to prevent the officers from cocking their firearms. I've heard that some of the guns were modified so that they couldn't be cocked. I don't know if that is true.

Frankly, they might as well issue them Nerf guns.