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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ve Haf Vays of Vatching You Blog, Meine Herren (und Damen)

The Department of Homeland Stupidity has hired General Dynamics* to track bloggers and determine who we all are. Because even if you have the right to speak your mind without identifying yourself, the Feds see no reason to respect your rights.

But what the hell, this is no longer a free country. It only pretends to be one. Not when we have a fearful Congress that is more than willing to write the destruction of the Bill of Rights into law. Oh, sure, President Obama said that he'd not use those powers, but that is not binding on the next boob to sit in the Oval Office.

Too many people in this country regard "rights" as "privileges", not as being inalienable, but as being bestowed conditionally by the sovereign. All it takes is one sharp blow for the bed-wetters to scream "we'll give up our rights, just protect meeee". It is a sad commentary on the state of this nation when the only nationally recognized politician who is talking about this is some old conspiracy whackaloon with a background of Jew-baiting and racism.

One party has no spine. The other party's definition of "freedom" is only applicable to white Christian heterosexual males.**

We are so screwed.
*GD's Motto: 'Fascism May Not Be Fun, But It's Profitable!"
** And fetuses.


Zdogk9 said...

The lat time the shit weasels in congress presented a bill like this Truman had the balls to Veto it.

montag said...

I thought we already had the NSA doing that work. Why is the Dept of Homeland Shitheads paying GD to do the same work (at probably twice the price)?

Old Sarge said...

Mm-hmm...same skells who labeled returning veterans as potential terrorists back in '09.

I didn't spend an entire adult lifetime in uniform so these fuckers could spy on my fellow citizens and I.

I can't even formulate an appropriate response I'm so enraged by this.

CalvinsMom said...

It's so cute that you believe Obama's promise not to (ab)use such powers.

That fucker will do whatever is politically expedient, and/or whatever will keep his ass in office.

Useless gits, the entire lot.

Comrade Misfit said...

Montag, because the NSA is not supposed to spy on Americans, but the Department of Reich Security has no such limitation. And a contractor gets paid, as well.

Cm, well, he's neither Nixon or Cheney. A thin reed of hope, to be sure.

Zdogk9 said...

"Cm, well, he's neither Nixon or Cheney. A thin reed of hope, to be sure."

My self I think that the mere thought of having such power gives that fucker more wood than the Klaloch Cedar

dinthebeast said...

White Christian heterosexual males.

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

dinthebeast, you're right. I'll change that line.

~Katherine~ said...

See, I am a Christian and I do believe that fetuses are human beings.

And yet I find myself coming to the same conclusions that you have: we are no longer free, and we are so. very. screwed.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that anyone who voted for the defense spending bill ought to be taken out and shot publicly pour encourager les autres , but I live in a very happy fantasy world about such things. I trust the current idiot in chief not to use that bill about as much as I'd have trusted his predecessor to do the same--i.e., not in the least.

Bloody hell.

WV: delog. delog: What all bloggers wish we could do to avoid being spied upon by our own country.