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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Criminalization of School Children; Texas Edition

It should be little surprise that, when it comes to treating misbehaving school kids as members of the FFA,* Texas leads the way. So if Johnny shoots a spitball at Timmy, little Johnny might be hauled off in handcuffs.

Get this: Yelling on the playground can get the kid a ticket. And if the parents don't pay it, as soon as the kid turns 18, the po-po will arrest the kid and lock his or her ass up.

How does this make any sense to anyone, at least anyone with a working cortex?**
* Future Felons of America.
** Which, of course, excludes school administrators.


Nangleator said...

Are all these police actions only enforced on the browner children? (Oh, how racist of me to think of that!)

BadTux said...

Nangleator: Why... yes! According to one of the rights groups interviewed as part of the article, it is disproportionately brown children and disabled children who are being singled out in Texas. Why am I not surprised?

- Badtux the "Can we let them secede yet?" Penguin

Phil said...

I hear they want to extend the fence on the border from Mexico.
I vote we give Texas back to them and start looking real hard at California too.

Give 'em back that cannon they put on a flag while we are at it.

I guess this is the new normal, in that state.
Ignorant fucks.

And what the fuck is with those absolute, fucking morons that want to make any legislation be tied to the Magna Carta when they don't even have a fucking clue what it says?
Who are the morons who don't look into who the fuck they bare voting into office?

The best news I heard all week was Our favorite old fuck, racist sonofabitch Pat got a serious kick in the nads and lost his show.

Good riddance, asshole.