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Monday, January 16, 2012

Harder Than It Seemed

Click on the certificate to try your hand.

That it is reasonably difficult explains why we are so screwed.

(Yes, I screwed up entering my handle. Sue me.)



Mule Breath said...

You beat me by one. At first I tried to go by uniform and equipment thinking that sand camo and heavy armament would mean soldier and solid black green camo with light weaponry would be cops. WRONG!

dinthebeast said...

Damn, I only got 11. After a few misses, I was saying to myself "that might be a cop, but it shouldn't be" over and over. OPD can do some fucked up stuff, but if they look like that, I've never seen it.

-Doug in Oakland

Earl said...

I found seventeen of the twenty-one, but only because there are tactical mistakes that police take that military won't unless trained as police. Sad comment on our law enforcement.

Unknown said...

I got 19. (two of the cops were wearing stars) The dead giveaway was usually the gear. Most of the cops carried shiny new stuff, wearing neat, matching uniforms. The soldiers' equipment was more battered, with bigger back-packs, etc. They looked like they'd been doing it for a while.

Comrade Misfit said...

I tried going by who were the goofiest-looking and if they looked as though they had no clue, I chose "cops".

Ruckus said...

I got 13. I tried to go by the ages when I could as well as uniforms. If the ages are almost late teens early 20's that's usually military. There were other clues but I obviously missed them.

Zdogk9 said...

We are fucked!

Lotus said...

I got 15 and I second your comment.

Allan S said...

I got 17, the latter half was mostly guess work. Two pictures I liked and found most disturbing were the one where the cop is applying green cammo to his face and any photo showing cops with rocket launchers (WTF?)

Fixer said...

18. Two lucky cops and one unfortunate soldier. Heh ...

Comrade Misfit said...

Allan, I got the "applying green camo" one correct, as well. The guy looked too goofy to be a soldier.

Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Miss Fit:


I had some success using shininess as a "tell". The cops seem to like their gear polished and shiny. The soldiers appear not to want the sun glinting off their kit as they try to make themselves difficult to see.

Many years ago I went through a phase where I read a bunch of Tom Clancy. In one of his books (Patriot Games?) a character tells the hero, "You can be a soldier or you can be a cop. You can't be both." How sad that our law enforcement agencies don't recognize this simple truth.



w3ski said...

I tried to use 'tubes' (RPG's) as a decider but the cop in the vehicle with the machine gun (saw?) and the Sweedish rpg roped down next to him fooled me.
Also I find cops only put one man on the skids of a helicopter not a whole squad. Who knew?
WTF are cops doing with a dual round RPG?
That sob will take down a wall OR blow up a house behind a wall? A bit of overkill for cops I would think.

Phil said...

17 out of 21 and I was never in the military.
I do, however, need a new tinfoil hat now.