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Monday, January 23, 2012

Yeah, Like Nobody Saw That Coming; F-35 Edition

DoD Secretary Panetta took the F-35B off probation.

Right. The F-35B can't operate on amphibious landing ships without the heat of the airplane's engine softening the ships' decks. The F-35C may not even be capable of operating on aircraft carriers.

Frank Van Haste is right: The F-35 program is indeed too big to fail.

It's ancient history, now, but I have to wonder how big a turkey the XF-32 had to have been in order to lose out to the XF-35. (Other than the fact that the XF-32 looked ugly, that is.)


Frank W. James said...

According to the Air Force fighter jocks I know this thing is a "...PIG..." to use THEIR description and they hate the very idea of the damn thing, but the Marines love it and want it desperately.

What gives?...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Comrade Misfit said...

Probably because the Marines desperately want a STOVL replacement for their AV-8Bs. The Marines bought up all of the retired airframes and parts from the RAF, so they have enough parts to keep their Harriers flying. But they need a replacement and the F-35B is their only hope for that.

The Marines are more concerned about air-to-mud than they are about air-to-air combat.