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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First, you ought to go read what Roberta X wrote.

You can find naysayers all over the place when it comes to Dr. King. I've seen at least one blogger who was celebrating that today is "Jackson and Lee Day", because they were "honorable military officers," regardless of the cause they served[1], because neither owned slaves.[2]

Dr. King's influence will live on long after the time that the names of the bigots who tried to perpetuate segregation are forgotten. His name and what he stood for will be known long after the names of Civil War generals are as well known as the generals of the Polish-Ottoman War.[3]

Dr. King's work, unfortunately, is not yet finished.[4] it sure won't be over because some pundits on a certain propaganda network declare "racism is over", while completely ignoring the toxic effects racism has had and continues to have in this country. It isn't over by a long shot.

But we continue to make progress. And that is worth noting.

[1] So were Erwin Rommel and Friedrich Paulus, for that matter. "Jackson and Lee Day" is a holiday created by racists, using the cover of two generals to draw a sheet over modern-day hatred.
[2] Neither Rommel nor Paulus personally shoved people into gas chambers.
[3] Quick, who was involved in the Battle of Nasiriyeh?
[4] That is why you have been reading and hearing all manner of disguised racist comments, both subtle and not-so subtle, for the past few months.


montag said...

Where did the idea that Robert E Lee or Stonewall Jackson didn't own slaves get started? Marse Lee may have lost his when the Federals took over his house at Arlington and Stonewall may have treated his and other slaves as equal under God, if not under law, but they were still slave owners in their lifetimes.

Comrade Misfit said...

Serves me right for taking the word of a Confederate.