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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

See You on Thursday


LRod said...

I so remember the F-104 "High Flight". I never, ever turned the TV off in the middle of it. I saw it probably hundreds of times.

And I love your "EEEEEEEEEEEEE,etc." I knew exactly what you meant and frankly, in my head, it sounded exactly like that.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired
My latest web creation: ZJX Alumni site celebrating everyone who ever worked there (Jacksonville ARTCC, Hilliard, FL).

Phil said...

Great minds think alike my dear....


Comrade Misfit said...

Busted, wait'll you see tomorrow's announcement.

Anonymous said...

Apropos EE...,

The EE lightning climbed faster, to a higher altitude, and flew faster than the F104. The EE Lightning is the only Nato fighter that scrambled, intercepted and overtook the Concorde at 60,000+ feet in a tailchase. It has intercepted a U2 at 88,000 feet, where both were in coffin corner.

OK, it's a cramped cockpit (for me) and it's barely armed, the radar range is short and the own range is short, but it was only meant to incept TU95 Bears off the Faroes.