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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The Obama Administration has reportedly changed its mind on blocking the re-importation of M-1 rifles that had been sold to South Korea.

As I said before, if this really happens and if they are indeed priced at $220, they'll be a hell of a bargain, unless they are rusted pieces of shit.

But note that the Obama Administration is still blocking the re-importation of M-1 carbines, because they're evil assault rifles, I guess.


w3ski said...

Wow, what a idea! M1's for 2 something! I'd Love to own a piece of history like that. My #1 want is an M 14 of course but they are about a grand or more at this point and not likely to reside in my gun cab in this lifetime.
I know the ar's are the state of the game, but there are a lot of graves filled by that old M1. I'd be proud to own and use one.

BadTux said...

Uhm, we don't sell arms to overseas countries, though the word "sell" is always used when there's an arms deal. Rather, it's more of a long-term lease. When they're done with the weapon, they're supposed to either destroy it or return it to us, at our option -- they're *not* supposed to sell it on the used arms market, whether it's an F-16 fighter or a M-1 rifle or carbine. If they do sell it on the open market theoretically that's a violation of our arms exports regs possibly leading to sanctions, though in the case of South Korea that's hardly likely given how much of our economy they control (that iPhone that gave Apple their record quarter last quarter? The LCD is made by Samsung in South Korea). This is how our arms export regulations have worked since the Truman Administration, this isn't something Obama did.

That said, this is one of those instances where the Obama Administration should have granted an exemption to the arms control regulations that would allow selling the M-1's on the open market, for the simple reason that a M-1 is *not* an F-16 fighter -- it's a long-obsolete rifle or carbine with little more than historical value, given that there are multitudes of hunting rifles and carbines on the market that provide more firepower and those hunting rifles and carbines can be exported anywhere with little more than a BATF stamp on the manifest. Requiring the South Koreans to destroy the M1's is a waste of historic artifacts, and the DoD has no interest in becoming M1 dealers themselves, so (shrug). Time for the Obama folks to kick some bureaucratic butt and make it happen, methinks.

- Badtux the Import-Export Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

BadTux, then what they should have done is told the ROK to send them back. Our government could have then sold them off to civilians through the CMP. Except the CMP is probably not able to handle having 80,000 rifles and a half-million carbines dumped on them,