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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Republicans Will Deny That Humans are a Carbon-Based Life Form

It would be so easy to get them to do so. All it would take is for President Obama to talk a few times about how we are all carbon-based forms of life. The Republicans, especially Rick Santorum, would trip over themselves to deny that we are carbon-based life forms. Except for Mitt Romney, who would flip-flop several times on the issue.

Speaking of Flip-Flop Mitt, the Daily Show had tape of him taking only 12 seconds to flip-flop, just go to 4:18 in this clip. That has to be a land speed record for the flip-flop.

Santorum found a way to beat his Google problem: He paid for an ad to be the first result. He's also got the same problem on Bing, but since nobody uses that search engine very much, it doesn't seem to get the same press. But ol' Frothy is currently trying to step away from his little bit of racism.

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